Sunday, May 17, 2009

Me 2.0

Whenever someone tells me they have cancer, i say "I'm very sorry" or "You have my condolences".
But what I really want to say is "Congratulations - you are so lucky!"
Most people get rid of their cancer, but what opportunity lost!
Who wouldn't want to evolve an extra boob or be able to breathe underwater? Being the first person with a mega-brain is just a few tumors away.

A cancer cell isn't some invading alien body - just a normal every day cell with a rebellious streak. They don't want to be boxed in by their parent cell's archaic rules, man - like all youth, they want to test their limits and try new things. Don't radiate me, bro!

Humans are notoriously afraid of change, but if I ever get butt cancer, I'm keeping it, because in 2035, prehensile tails will be back in style.


Show me some tail, baby!

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  1. your tags! cancer, evolution, tails, three boobs lmao